Alternate Harry Potter endings, um, “borrowed heavily” from some familiar sources. The Optimus Prime intercession is genius, but I think I like this one best of all:

There were flashes of red and green light. Harry and Voldemort were both still standing, but their wands had been destroyed.

“It seems there is only way to settle this now, Potter,” shouted the dark wizard.
“How’s that?” Harry shouted back.

“A race. Around the world. We leave King’s Cross at noon tomorrow.”

The two stared intensely at each other. Harry knew Voldemort to be right. There was no way around it. “Then I’ll see you at noon!” Harry snarled back.

In that instant the two turned and hurried off in opposite directions. Harry’s heart burned inside his chest. He had suitcases to pack.

It beats the hell out of the horrid epilogue, anyway!

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