Backpackers House BCN – Barcelona, Spain

I normally avoid laughing at the attempts of foreigners to converse in English – being conversationally maladroit in several languages, I feel their pain. I make an exception for this hostel’s promoter, simply because, beneath the mangled English, his enthusiasm is palpable.

Amongst the services provided:
Service of cleanness of rooms. (Yes, even the cleanliness is cleaned!)
Free maps of town FREE. (This one’s my favourite!)
Toilets and showers to share outside the rooms. (Sounding a bit like the sharing is encouraged…)
Possibility of using credit card. (Perhaps if you ask nicely?)
Plate. (Just one, mind you.)
Dryer of hair. (I have images of a perfumed, mustachioed Catalan gent of a certain age, luxurious towel at the ready.)

And a helpful orientation tip:
You can see the route from the station of the North to our residence in 2 or 3 dimensions


I’ve decided to stay here in December based on this. After all, it could hardly be worse than the cattle car conditions of my last Barcelona hostel, or the one from my 1998 tour in which (in the spirit of the review) the free bedbugs were FREE. Here’s hoping the third time’s the charm.

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