Letter from Nova Scotia: Rag Time : The New Yorker


Typically fun and well-written article from the New Yorker, though on a topic that the New Yorker doesn’t typically cover.

You could say that, when it comes to what some fashionistas would call my “look,” I considered one adjustment – from high school to college – quite sufficient. Remember what Lillian Hellman told the House Committee on Un-American Activities? “I cannot, and will not, cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.” I feel that way about my clothes. My idea of what to wear to dinner has not changed much over the years, nor have I abandoned my high-school belief that spending a lot of money on clothes is, well, la-di-da. (I wouldn’t want to be questioned closely about whether I still also find it unmanly.) In other words, I may embody the target audience of Brooks Brothers factory-outlet stores – a thrifty fellow whose tastes are mired in the fifties.

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