Activist loses 2nd son to gunfire –

After Patricia Wynter’s first-born son was shot to death in 2001, she and 17 others who lost sons to violence formed an organization called UMOVE, which stands for United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere…

But on Sunday, Wynter’s world was once again rocked by gun violence when her only surviving son, Karim Rashid Ata-Ayi, 29, was shot and killed in broad daylight in Regent Park.

A few years ago, I eulogised a long-lost friend who was lost to us forever thanks to a faceless thug who shot him and left him to die. Today, horrifically, I see that his only sibling – a younger brother whom Chad was always looking out for – has also been shot and killed. After Chad’s death, his mother founded an anti-violence movement. This just reads like life’s sick joke.

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