The Craziness You’ve Heard People Say in Their Sleep

As I’ve gotten older (or perhaps just more stressed) I’m finding myself dreaming out loud more and more. The latest strange trend seems to be that I start giggling in my sleep, and the noise of it wakes me up. BumApples shares this page of sleepyhead-isms, all hilarious in their nonsensibility. I’m giggling before I go to sleep, tonight!

Apparently I talk in my sleep as well. According to my manager, and corroborated by my phone’s outgoing call log, I attempted to call off work one morning because I didn’t like the smell of peaches.

My brother is like a fountain of these things. My personal favorite nugget is this: “Sleepy Mexican community, stop feeding me marshmallows!” Certainly not something that one expects to hear at 3AM.

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