Justice Reigns: Stumble Troll BANNED by SU | Collective Thoughts


I don’t usually involve myself in flame wars, but this seems to be an anti-SU day for me.

There’s currently a lot of fuss about some Stumbler sending “death threats” in the form of one of the TravisKab-istes style dismissals. While these are not my favourite pithy remark, to see them as menacing action-items is a bit of a stretch. Of course, if you’re that type of person – “fragile”, let’s say – your reaction may well be something like this:

Someday that guy is going to suggest that some fragile person kill themselves – and they will.

This user chose to fight back by notifying the FBI. ‘Cause, y’know, they have plenty of untaxed resources for such piffle, not being busy at all with tracking domestic terrorism and such.

Users who allow themselves to get pulled into troll wars remind me of evangelical atheists; Do you really hope to sway your opponent with rational (if high-pitched and spluttering) arguments? Most of us would just hit the Stumble button (or – better yet – Block User) and move on to more of the crappy, unwanted Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing spam that currently floods the SUniverse. Or we can just go back to clearing our inboxes of the volumes of “check out my website!” spam that has proliferated of late.

Funny how those users are never banned, eh Aimclear?

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