CinematicTitanic: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 rides again — sheer hilarity! – Boing Boing

MST3K revives as CinematicTitanic. While I’ve seen too many bad movies to count, I haven’t had a good group-catcall in a while (a consequence of being a shut-in) – it’ll be good to hear the old gang again.

For those not in the know, MST3K was an early-90s cable access show (at first) hosted by a guy and two robots who watched terrible films and made stupid comments. The sheer volume of silliness overwhelms one’s resistance quite quickly. Not to everyone’s tastes, admittedly, but it certainly fit mine. One memorable anecdote: An old friend lent me a bunch of copies to recover from a wisdom tooth operation, and my mom refused to believe that my gauze-throttled giggle fits were a result of anything less than a nitrous oxide overdose.

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