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Thinking of quitting was my own reaction to the wave of crap that results from pressing the Stumble button. While I understand the benefit of a user-policed system (cf. Ebay), the deus ex machina reluctance of the SU developers to actively engage is galling.

A big thumbs-up, then, to Dynamic-Polarity. Like me, she’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Unlike me, she’s spending what must be hours out of her week to find, mark and report spam sites to the devs. Whether or not they act, of course, is what will decide if the spammers win.

The quality of the service is at stake, here; I certainly can’t be the only old-timer who’s dreading the Stumble button these days. If the devs are smart, they’ll follow Kiribird2‘s suggestion to bring her on like they did Barry. Customers with this much heart are hard to find.

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