Sudan Teddy Teacher Gillian Gibbons Wants To Teach In China | Home | Sky News,,30100-1298900,00.html

Teddy bear row teacher Gillian Gibbons is heading abroad to work again – this time setting her sights on a job in China.

Undeterred by her time in a Sudanese jail, the 54-year-old Liverpool mother has told Hello! magazine she still hopes to work abroad.

I was unwired at the time this story was big, and missed being able to comment on it. Yet another example of fundamentalist loonies making a big fuss out of nothing. Muslim extremists add to their ever-growing list of Things That Offend Religion by including teddy bears along with cartoons and rubbish novels, while omitting things like barbaric punishments, stone age attitudes, and the culture’s exaltation of martyrs.

I’m glad to see Gillian is still determined to make a difference, and apply her teaching skills where they may be of use. Just one suggestion: When naming teddy bears, stay away from “Tiannanmen” or “Falun Gong”…

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