Third Reich to Fortune 500: Five Popular Brands the Nazis Gave Us |

Devilishly bitchy article highlighting (lowlighting?) some of the many, many going concerns who happily supplied goods to the Third Reich, often while taking advantage of the Reich’s peculiar “temp agencies”. (How’s that for German efficiency?) Just be sure to skip the comments, which are heavy – hopefully inordinately so – with Holocaust deniers and Zyklon B apologists; Yes, I’m sure it did a great job eliminating typhoid-carrying lice, however – it also did a great job of eliminating their hosts…

Already today you’ve used at least one product from a company that, at one time, worked for the Nazis. Now, in the name of not getting sued, we’d like to make it clear that we’re not accusing any of the below companies of still being in bed with the Third Reich. All of them, to our knowledge, have long disavowed Hitler’s regime as being both monstrous and no longer profitable.

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