Editors& Note – Magazine – The Atlantic


This past year, I’ve spent much of my online time immersed in the incredible online archive of the seminal homesteaders-and-filthy-hippies magazine, Mother Earth News. The archive articles are free and extensive – I can vouch that they go to 1971 at least, ’cause that’s where I’ve left off. Now, the Atlantic Monthly announces its archives have been similarly unleashed. Civil War nuts like me should have plenty of fun here – the paper was founded just prior to the start of the war, and has a storied tradition for period literature and battlefield drawings. (e.g. Julia Ward Howe’s Battle Hymn of the Republic was first published here.) I suspect I’ll be finished with Mother Earth News* this time next year, and will be able to devote myself fully to the Atlantic archives. Just as long as the NY Times doesn’t follow archival suit… Though one can always hope!

*Originally contracted this to MEN, then realised I was sending a rather suggestive message.

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