The Canadian “Tory” government is behaving in a short-sighted, rather Republican manner with regards to a nuclear situation from December. A nuclear watchdog agency realised the plant safety feature had been disabled, and ordered a shut down. The government went all Han Solo, PR-wise, and legislated it back to operation, citing a dearth of medical isotopes it had been producing. Then, with purely coincidental timing, they fired the head of the agency a few hours before she was due to testify about the whole sordid affair.

Health Minister Tony Clement told the committee Tuesday the firing was justified.

“If this crisis were allowed to continue, which was certainly the desired option of the then-head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, we were literally days away from huge human health impacts, not only in Canada but around the world, that would have led to deaths,” Clement said.

Yes, Tony. ‘Cause nuclear disasters would have absolutely no effect on the health of Canadian and world citizens.

Those isotopes must be worth a pretty penny (or Euro), eh?

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