InsideToronto Article:

We’ve had our January cold snap a bit late this winter, and its stir-crazing effects seem to be heightened. Witness this story of West-End Toronto at its finest:

A man allegedly stole a backhoe from a nearby site and used it to demolish the side walls of the car wash surrounding the coin machine. He then allegedly pulled the change machine out of the wall using the backhoe and proceeded down residential streets.

“He made a getaway at 15 km/h in three feet of snow,” said Martino. “Then he got stuck and ran away…”

“When he tried to flee on foot, the officers simply followed his foot tracks in the snow,” Martino told

“He was caught and charged with theft over $5,000 and mischief over $5,000,” said Stroble.

Sadly, being an idiot is still not a criminal offense.

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