MST3K – Last Clear Chance

I made mention of MST3K in an earlier post, and Frannyy, being an Englishman with, no doubt, higher concepts of comedy, asked me what it was. The show is a simple set-up of three guys watching terrible movies and throwing out one-liners, and it’s hard to explain its appeal. But my friends and I were obsessed with it during our University years, and there were many instances where we came very close to bursting a lung (or busting a gut) at the snowballing laughs of the best episodes. It’s definitely better when watched in a group (especially one high on illegal substances, or – in our case – vast quantities of sugar) but an excellent example is online in its entirety on YouTube. This was one of our collective favourites, and despite being able to recite huge swaths of it, it still makes me laugh. And say “Rrrr!” whenever I drive past a railroad crossing.

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