A senior Israeli defense official said on Friday that Palestinians firing rockets from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip would bring upon themselves what he termed a “shoah,” the Hebrew word for holocaust or disaster.

Israel continues to reinforce its image as a big, cloddish bully, this time by invoking its own history of horror and oppression, and threatening the same upon the neighbouring Palestinians.

I understand that Israel feels threatened by the political non-recognition of its Arab neighbours, as well as the random violence their militants inflict, but the reactions and methods with which they choose to counter this hate are both ham- and heavy-handed. Taking the oderint dum metuant approach is unlikely to change the Arab stance. If anything, it will cause their culture of death to dig in deeper.

It’s amazing to think that this is the same tribal bickering that has been going on for millennia. Only now the sabres being rattled are of the “nuclear” and “mass-destruction” variety.

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