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As a kid, I was subjected to 24/7 CBC exposure by my father. To this day, I’m not one who can handle all-talk-all-the-time media, but I’m now making a 3 hour exception every Sunday morning. Michael Enright’s been on the CBC for as long as I’ve been an unwitting listener, and his Sunday Edition is an excellent showcase for his humane, witty, intelligent personality. He covers a vast array of topics (recent discussions include airline prices, misogyny in US politics, and world-class sopranos) and makes them all instantly interesting. His interviewing style is graceful, accessible and generous. He elicits explanations and elaborations from guests too wrapped up in their topics to realise the audience might need a primer, and does so in the guise of being himself the newcomer, though his comments always belie a deep understanding of each subject. And through it all runs a vein of wit and irreverence. Absolutely delightful, and an excellent way to temper my dread of Sundays…

The Sunday Edition Podcast


It’s Sunday morning, so I’m once again settled in for 3 hours spent in fantastic company. As I said to BarryWeber, it’s “very humane, very investigative, very fun, very thought-provoking, and very Canadian. A wonderful antidote to the sound and fury of the 24-hour news cycle.”

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