What’s That Bug? Insect identification


A big thumb up not for this monster of a bug, but for the fact that I still have my thumbs. I noticed one of these 3″ Toe Biters (the name makes it all that much worse) as I got out of my car this morning. It was scuttling across the parking lot at a terrifying speed, using those dual-purpose pincers. I’m too much of a geek to be scared of insects, so having never seen anything this huge or this unusual, I was tempted to bring it inside for identification. Luckily, my spidey-senses (ahem) were tingling – had I tried to grab it, the tingling might have occurred in my fingers. I’m making the most of my encounter, though, by printing out a full-page photo with which to harry my insectophobe boss. I’m literally bugging him for a raise…

PS The “What’s That Bug?” blog is fabulous. I’ve used it a few times to identify creepy crawlies. Very handy!

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