CBC News – Canada – Toronto commuters stunned as transit workers walk off the job


An unfortunate follow-up to the report of the African dockworkers who were striking for morality, our own transit workers have decided to strike for greed and selfishness.

We all expected a strike last week, and riders were all organising and planning alternatives to their bus/subway/tram commute, including rescheduling appointments for this week. When word came that a tentative agreement had been reached, we all breathed a sigh of relief and went on with our business, only have the wind knocked out of us on Saturday morning; An unannounced walkout on a beautiful spring weekend, with two major sporting events to exacerbate the crush in the downtown core.

Bob Kinnear, the head of the Amalgamated Transit Union, defended the suddenness of the walkout, saying it was to protect the safety of TTC workers.

This was backward thinking – absolute foolishness – on the part of the union. By negating our ability to make contingency plans, they’ve angered people who would have settled for being highly annoyed. Like most things in North American life, our unions have become bloated, selfish and irrelevant. For shame!

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