Where have you gone, Eagle-Eye Cherry?: A tribute to terrible late ’90s hits | Music | The A.V. Club Blog | The A.V. Club


An AV Clubber compiles the Top 40 dreck that soundtracked his college years. Unfortunately, it also soundtracked my college years, which were simultaneous with my record-store working years, to which these were also the soundtrack. I can’t read through this list without

a) hearing all of these worming their way back into my brain; and
b) twitching

My third reaction, though, is to note that he could’ve made Side 2 entirely out of CanCon. Which means these particular tracks received EVEN MORE play than the others. Wow.

I love terrible late ’90s radio hits so much that I’ve compiled them all in one place, for the first time. It’s called Spectator Songs: Your Favorite Terrible Late ’90s Radio Hitz! and it’s available to anyone masochistic enough to track all the songs down. That is, if they don’t all end up stuck in your head before then.

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