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From the page: “Members of a fundamentalist American church group planning to stage a protest at the funeral for a Winnipeg man brutally killed on a Greyhound bus have managed to enter Canada, a spokeswoman told CBC News on Friday.”

For once, I’m hoping Canadians get their impression of America from the likes of overweight tourists, Brittany Spears and Rush Limbaugh.

Don’t worry about it, Pigasus: We already judge you based on your celebrities and President. Half the time, Phelps doesn’t sound that much scarier than Dubya.

I’m curious to see if our legendary Canadian politeness holds up when these idiots invade a very raw-nerve scene with their cheese grater signs. Personally, I hope there’s a temporary lapse that allows for a full beat-down. The usual twitch-and-bear-it attitude doesn’t seem to apply, here.

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