Palin Plays to Conservative Base in Florida Rallies –

John McCain now seems like a doddering old fool, but Sarah Palin scares me. Reports of her rally in Florida have her drumming up fear and loathing amongst a crowd of crazies who have violent Pavlovian responses to her hateful keywords. I find it telling that these rubes compare conservatism to “leadership”, and that they can’t see how a failed President’s actions have likely contributed to their financial hurt because they’ve invested too heavily into the fake “values” pitch that these Rovian charlatans preach but don’t practice.

American politics has become a shameful, shallow spectacle. The only thing that keeps it from dissolving into total irrelevance is the international consequence of electing executives as clueless and dangerous as McCain and Palin.

From Jacksonville in the northeast to Pensacola in the Panhandle, the fiery crowds gathered to jeer at any hint of liberalism, boo loudly at the mere mention of Senator Barack Obama’s name and heckle the traveling press corps (at a rally in Clearwater, one man hurled a racial epithet at a television cameraman)…

Many of those who went to see Ms. Palin – some dressed in head-to-toe McCain-Palin regalia – described themselves as staunch Republicans who said they would never consider voting for a Democrat. “You can’t have leadership without conservatism,”

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