TED: Ideas worth spreading


I’ve been going through a period of drudge work at my job, so I’ve finally had the ability to delve deep into the TED resources.

For those not in the know, the annual TED Conference is a meeting of the minds for a variety of fields (Technology/Entertainment/Design), in which short presentations are given by guest speakers. These range from comedians and musicians to philosophers and community organisers – in short, the educated, activist elite; Sarah Palin’s worst nightmare – who give an overview of what they do and a brief summary of how the world can get involved.

Many of the talks have been posted as free downloadable podcasts, and virtually all of them are fascinating glimpses into new studies, new behaviours, and new undertakings. The best are moving and/or inspiring. I guarantee I’ll be Stumbling many of these over the next few weeks. Consider yourself warned – or invited, whichever applies to you!

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