Film – Disney Prepares to Use Its Marketing Magic to Bring Back the Muppets –

“Disney Prepares to Use its Marketing Magic to Bring Back the Muppets”? Erin Prepares to Have Her Childhood Nostalgia Eroded by Overexposed Muppet Crap.

First George Lucas goes and vaporises my love for Star Wars, now this? Somebody find me a balcony.

Now Disney is giving it another go by revving up the full power of its culture-creating engines. Instead of the take-it-slow approach, this time the Muppets are getting the “Hannah Montana” treatment, being blasted into every pop-culture nook and cranny that the company owns or can dream up…

A new feature film, still untitled, is planned for 2010, with more in development. Meanwhile the Muppets will work overtime elsewhere, appearing on a new float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, on “Nightline” interviewing political candidates and on various talk shows. More Muppet-theme attractions are being discussed for Disney theme parks.

And then there is the merchandise. Coming soon: Muppet clothing at Urban Outfitters and Limited Too stores; Muppet-theme items like stuffed animals and tote bags, at Macy’s; and a Muppet boutique at the New York flagship of F. A. O. Schwarz.

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