Princess Sparkle Ponys Photo Blog: Background Check

Sarah Palin’s hoary hands have made me realise what I should’ve realised months ago: She’s a witch.

The first obvious signs were the wrinkly ungloved hands. Next – has anyone seen her feet outside those Naughty Monkeys? Can we confirm that she has toes? That hair looks too perfect to be anything but a wig, and the idea of her photogenic face being a mask makes perfect sense when you compare it to the horrible things she says.

Obama rally participants – rack your brains: Have you recently accepted any chocolate proffered by blandly pretty yet menacing women? Have you heard any suspicious tick-tick-ticking emanating from your body?

Forget the Bradley Effect; If Obama’s vote count falls short on November 4th, we can safely assume the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse Maker was timed to go off after entering the voting booth. The McCain jobs creation plan creates lots of white mice for Joe the Exterminator to eliminate, along with all opposition…

(I’m about ready for this election nonsense to end. Can you tell?)

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