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Thought I’d read up on Harvey Milk prior to the release of the Gus Van Sant biopic marking the anniversary of his death. An interesting story, with an even more interesting – and irony-tinged – footnote:

Though Feinstein was known to carry a handgun in her purse, she became a proponent of gun control. In 1994, Senator Feinstein exchanged words with National Rifle Association member and senator from Idaho Larry Craig, who suggested during a debate on banning assault weapons that “the gentlelady from California” should be “a little bit more familiar with firearms and their deadly characteristics”. She reminded Craig that she indeed had experience with the results of firearms when she put her finger in a bullet hole in Milk’s neck while searching for a pulse.

(Unrelated but amusing aside: This is the same Larry Craig, you’ll recall, who votes against gay rights while seeking gay sex in airport bathrooms.)

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