CBS unceremoniously booted Dan Rather from the anchor chair he inherited from Cronkite, and which he had attained after paying his dues as a battle hardened reporter and correspondent. Now, with the sun setting on the Republican regime that demanded his ouster, the scurrilous facts about the case are coming out, in large part because of Rather’s journalistic legwork. The new media is about to find out what the old guard it so airily dismissed is capable of – possibly to the tune of $70 million. Go, Dan, go!

Those who have worked on the case with Mr. Rather, 77, say he has approached it with the zeal of a correspondent trying to report out a “60 Minutes” segment about himself, burying himself in deposition transcripts late into the night and providing his lawyers with road maps of leads he thinks they should pursue. He rarely misses a court hearing on the case.

“I want to go the distance,” Mr. Rather said recently over a lunch of chili and cornbread at a barbecue restaurant. “Like any good reporter, I want to get as many as facts as possible; I want to get to the bottom of the story.”

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