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Buddley1 shows the danger of biased reportage: We find this anti-Obama screed, which appears to be a result of Fox’s “journalistic” tactics absorbed into the consciousness of a 56-year old Wisconsin grandma, then interpreted back out through the filter of terror their stories inspire.

So far as I read it, Buddley1 blames Obama for the “gearing up” of the Klan, and believed he would be the excuse for (unmaterialised) riots should he have won or lost. She also – a few posts before asking for donations for a family with disabled children (who have health insurance but are still hard-up) – eschews a Democrat promise of $1000 towards health insurance, rightfully pointing out that it won’t cover 100% of the costs for cancer treatments, or a sick baby in the hospital, but not understanding that it would cover a significant portion of these costs. The only solution she sees is to threaten the hospitals with a Medical Bankruptcy, then the hospital will write the bills off as they use it as a write off.

I don’t mean to come across as attacking Buddley1 – her feelings of dread and hopelessness are certainly based in a depressed economy and the memories of a small-town life that has no doubt been quite hardscrabble. The fact that she feels so terrified about the future saddens me; I wish her good cheer for the holidays and hope for the new year. But I also encourage her to contribute to her own happiness by turning the TV off. Getting away from the constant doomsaying and paranoia that is Fox News’ stock in trade may lift some of the gloomy atmosphere. After all, as Buddley1 herself says,

Unless you watch the Fox News channel you may not have heard any of this.

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