Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

A good summary of the present misery and conflagration that is today’s Gaza, written by a Jewish writer. (Leave it to Adbusters to present a dissenting viewpoint!)

Much as I disliked the book, there’s a section of Lloyd Douglas’ The Robe that I found fairly well represented, and thoughts of which always surface whenever new problems arise in Israel or around its borders:

‘You know, sir,’ he went on, ‘the crusty white shore of that old Dead Sea is like a salt lick beside a water-hole in the jungle where animals of all breeds and sizes gather and fight. This has been going on longer than any nation’s history can remember. Occasionally some animal bigger than the others has appeared, driving all the rest of them away. Sometimes they have turned on the big fellow and chased him off, after which the little ones have gone to fighting again among themselves. Well–that’s Gaza for you!’

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