Op-Ed Columnist – Forgive and Forget? – NYTimes.com


Paul Krugman explains why sooner is better for prosecution of the Bush Administration’s illegalities. With Obama preaching bipartisanship, of course, it won’t happen. A shame, since it would’ve been a grand gesture to set the standard of following the Constitution and actively pursuing those who have spent the last eight years undermining it.

Now, it’s true that a serious investigation of Bush-era abuses would make Washington an uncomfortable place, both for those who abused power and those who acted as their enablers or apologists. And these people have a lot of friends. But the price of protecting their comfort would be high: If we whitewash the abuses of the past eight years, we’ll guarantee that they will happen again.

Meanwhile, about Mr. Obama: while it’s probably in his short-term political interests to forgive and forget, next week he’s going to swear to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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