Films : All – NFB

The National Film Board has opened up what they claim is their entire archive*, and there are certainly some gems worth watching.

For those not in the know, the NFB is a very quiet national treasure who are known internationally, too – they’re responsible for the vast majority of Canada’s Oscar haul. The shorts are the real winners; Showcasing our nation’s peculiar humour. In the days before half hour TV shows were filled with 20 minutes of ads, dead air was often filled with an NFB short. Virtually every Canuck of a certain age can quote large chunks of The Sweater verbatim, or do a McGarrigle impression whilst singing about log drivers.

My faves, in no particular order:
Log Driver’s Waltz*
Getting Started
The Sweater
The Cat Came Back*
The Big Snit
The Great Toy Robbery*
Every Child*
My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts*

*Until The Apprentice, Why Me? and Special Delivery show up, though, I’d say otherwise.

*Denote shorts that are terrific fun for youngsters.

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