Much has been made about (and laughed at) the new Microsoft software train wreck, SongSmith. The idea is to sing to the software, which then sets your word to music. The results are – predictably – awful.

Or are they? A YouTube wag seems to making a series of what can only be described as mash-ups by sending famous lyrics through the Microsoft mangler. So “Sgt Pepper” becomes a jazzy dirge, “Wonderwall, ” – fittingly – house, “Crazy Train” some sort of bluegrass-oompah hybrid, and “Roxanne” goes calypso. You know that joke about things being so awful they swing back ’round to awesome? I think this qualifies. If only someone could digitally alter Stewart Copeland’s kit to steel drums, this would be 100% hilarious.


These are priceless. Other winners include We Will Rock You as a knees-up, a major-key Heard it Through the Grapevine, and this love-song version of Eye of the Tiger. Lastly, the “author” rightfully points out that SongSmith makes “Hurt” a lot less sad.

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