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“Missile mail”! Exactly as half-baked as it sounds, and yet got government funding regardless (go figure):

In 1959 the U.S. Navy submarine USS Barbero assisted the Post Office Department, predecessor to the United States Postal Service (USPS) in its search for faster mail transportation with the only delivery of “Missile Mail”. On 8 June 1959, Barbero fired a Regulus cruise missile – its nuclear warhead having earlier been replaced by two Post Office Department mail containers – at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station in Mayport, Florida. Twenty-two minutes later, the missile struck its target. The Regulus cruise missile was launched with a pair of Aerojet-General 3KS-33,000 [3 sec duration, 33,000 lbf thrust] solid-propellant boosters. A turbojet engine sustained the long-range cruise flight after the boosters were dropped.

This kind of venture makes me wonder if having a woman in charge of the military might not be a bit more economical. The men have that testosterone-induced tendency towards “what will this do?” improvisation.

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