Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink | Media | The Guardian

The Guardian announces its switch to a Twitter-based news outlet, though one suspects they’ll revisit this decision on April 2nd… This is one of the more marvellous and topical April Fool’s jokes I’ve ever seen. Well worth a 140-character read.

As a Twitter-only publication, the Guardian will be able to harness the unprecedented newsgathering power of the service, demonstrated recently when a passenger on a plane that crashed outside Denver was able to send real-time updates on the story as it developed, as did those witnessing an emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River. It has also radically democratised news publishing, enabling anyone with an internet connection to tell the world when they are feeling sad, or thinking about having a cup of tea.

“[Celebrated Guardian editor] CP Scott would have warmly endorsed this – his well-known observation ‘Comment is free but facts are sacred’ is only 36 characters long,” a spokesman said in a tweet that was itself only 135 characters long.

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