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K3Dicki takes issue with my views on President Bush:

I wish people like you could just understand the simple fact that our former president is a decent man with morals who refused to cave in and cater to the mainstream media. Therefore, his legacy might suffer a vital blow to the simpletons who believe that Barack Obama is the savior of the country.
Unlike most people you or I know, GWB refused to let what CNN or other mainstream media outlets change the way his heart felt.

What morals are those exactly? Being pro-life and a “freedom fighter”, while he started an immoral war and did his best to crush civil liberties at home? You may be mistaking his unwillingness to “change the way his heart felt” with his inability to reason on topics. Making decisions without thought or question does not mean those decisions are good. In fact, they’re guaranteed to be exactly the opposite.

Before you follow his lead and assume too much, I should point out that I don’t believe Obama will be the saviour of his country – it’s up to the American citizenry to accept their current challenges. I do, however, believe that having a rational, intelligent and thoughtful person in charge will lead to smarter decisions, and – hopefully – a change in outcomes from those of the last eight years.


Upon closer inspection, this blog appears to be that of a Stumbler who thumbs up porn sites and leaves dismissive comments instead of cogent arguments in his wake. (For some reason, I got a welcome exception.) Really must learn to stop rising to the trolls’ bait.

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