Getting nostalgic for a wonderful former CBC reporter leads me to the heartbreaking news that he died a few years ago. There was nobody on Canadian TV quite as witty, refined, and credible as Bill Cameron. Such a loss for his family, for the industry, and for the faltering CBC.

Carolyn Jack, producer of Newsworld International, remembers how Cameron managed to pull off moments of great television, despite the show’s chaotic atmosphere. “The day the Clinton tapes were being aired, Bill was on live, solid without a break for something like nine hours. It was unbelievable. And I mean he, basically speaking, did not leave that seat. I had to bring him coffee. We were just throwing people at him. We’d go in his ear, ‘Okay Bill, now we’ve got a senator from Idaho. We’re not sure, but his name might be Mike. Here you go.’ And he’d have to do it. He was smooth as glass.”

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