Students in New York Fall Ill, and Swine Flu Is Suspected –

Remember Texas Governor Rick Perry? He’s the nutjob who, exactly a week ago, was threatening secession because he thought the US government was “overtaxing” its citizens. Well, this week, his state is one of the first to experience a breakout of the new, deadly swine flu. In true GOP fashion, he doesn’t want to pay taxes, but is more than happy to accept emergency help from the federally-funded Center for Disease Control.

New York has one of the most sophisticated health departments in the world, but the C.D.C. can assist by releasing supplies from the National Strategic Stockpile. Huge quantities of Tamiflu, masks, gloves, purifying gel, ventilators and other goods useful in a flu crisis are kept in warehouses around the country and can be moved out in a matter of hours, Mr. Skinner said…

Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked the C.D.C. to send 37,430 doses of Tamiflu.

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