Exclusive First Look: SU.PR – Stumble Upon’s New Traffic Builder


I spotted an announcement of SU.PR not on StumbleUpon, but on that charmless Internet-celebrity Tim Ferriss’ site. Here’s an excerpt which sums up both my disgust with Ferriss and my ever-growing disgust with StumbleUpon.

The result of it all? More traffic. StumbleUpon has jumped to almost 10% of my total traffic per week, delivering as many as 24,000 unique visitors to a single post in less than 24 hours. In short, SU.PR totally kicks ass. It saves me headache, gets me better results through smarter analytics, and drives significant monetizable traffic.

“Drives significant monetizable traffic”? I’ve been railing against the SEO types (all like Ferriss – peddling empty services that they hope will lead to rich rewards) who flooded SU a couple of years ago, wondering why the devs did nothing to curb them. I see now it’s because they’ve become SEO mavens themselves.

Note to SU: Driving significant monetizable traffic will drive away many of the significant content providers that used to make SU worth using. I used to take pride in calling myself a Stumbler, but it seems SU considers me just a pair of eyeballs with a wallet.

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