Twitter Unleashes Deluge of Sarcasm on Republican Congressman — Daily Intel

Idiot Republican tweets (“twits” might be more accurate, here) that the Iranian protests are like the GOP protests in Congress. Helpful fellow Tweeters point out that no, they aren’t.

paganmist @petehoekstra Had to move all my stuff to a new office w/o a corner view. Now i know what the Trail of Tears was like. #GOPfail

benhuh @petehoekstra I had to sit in the last row of our corporate jet this morning. This is what Rosa Parks must have felt like.

donnahon @petehoekstra Got some sand in my shoe. Now I know what it’s like to be on my third deployment in Iraq.

stealingfrom @petehoekstra Sitting in a chair, feeling a good deal like Stephen Hawking. #GOPfail

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