New! The Growing Challenge Advanced Edition – From Seed To Seed! | One Green Generation

It has been exactly one year since we officially launched The Growing Challenge. And now it’s time to add some spice. So this year, we’re adding a twist for a new advanced level that goes something like this: Grow a new crop from seed this year, nurture it organically, and then successfully harvest enough seeds to grow next year.

In August of last year, the local supermarket closed up its garden centre, and left tons of half- (and fully-) dead plants and seedlings on the racks outside the fenced-in area. I scooped up anything that looked like it could be resuscitated, stacked the whole lot in my solarium, and gave them all a good drenching. Most didn’t survive, but I’ve still got basil and parsley on the go, and just this morning ate a tomato that I’d grown from the seed of a tomato I’d coaxed to fruit last year.

All of this accomplished in a space that’s about 2’x6′, with plants given up for compost; You people with even postage stamp backyards, don’t tell me you’ve got no room for a garden!

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