Octopus unearths 900-year-old hidden treasure | Mail Online


See? They’re even skilled at archaeology. Though I have a mental image of the trawler causing terror and mayhem at the octopus version of Antiques Roadshow.

It is a story that combines all the great mysteries and exciting discoveries of the sea? an octopus hauled onto a fishing boat with valuable ancient pottery attached to its suckers.

Conjuring up visions of ancient mariners and sailing ships laden with fabulous wares, Korean fisherman Kim Yong-Chul pulled up more octopus, most of which had shards of pottery attached to their tentacles.

Now the chance discovery is being hailed as one of the great undersea treasure discoveries of modern times.

Officials at the National Maritime Museumin Seoul say the pottery dates back to 12th century, when the Koryo Dynasty ruled the Korean peninsula.

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