Account Changes FAQ

My 6-year StumbleLifetime has been spent entirely thrilled with the community I discovered here, but entirely unimpressed with the developers. Back in the day where I (and, I assumed, they) actually cared about the users, I regularly asked questions and filed reports, and am still awaiting my first response. Over the course of their “upgrades” to the system – many of them hamfisted (StumbleVideo, anyone?) – the StumblePals I’ve met on here, and counted as close friends have one by one left the premises. I took an extend leave myself in the past year, due in part to their absence and the continuing dismantling of the SU engine I once loved. Now, I’m reading that the blogging system that made StumbleUpon for me is being done away with, and all my and my absent friends’ blogs are to be erased. As if this wasn’t enough of a travesty, there is not yet a backup system in place for those of us who want to save our memories and work, and the always-thoughtful developers have made previous scripts unusable. I’m advised (via FAQ, of course – no point in trying to send a last futile support email) that I can always copy-paste each blog entry. Well, that seems doable, after all, I only have 3440 of them, and less than a month to accomplish this…

Seriously, SU devs, congrats on turning a vibrant, thriving community into a bitter, attritted ghost town. I hope karma catches up with you eventually.

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