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It pains me to discover awesome new StumbleBlogs when I can hear the tick-tock that tells us their blog will soon be no more.

If you read GMC’s twitter account, all questions will be answered. SEO is the bus the user base was thrown under. SU “improved” to keep the chutes straight so we don’t get hung up on the content of other users. We are supposed to be stumbling websites, not generating our own environment. This used to be the most awesome place on the web. For the millions of people SU now reaches that weren’t part of that culture, they will never know. SU doesn’t want them to know. There were thousands of us who made this place our home, but SU wanted millions of personality free users who would obediently serve the algorithm. Nuts.

BTW As of right now the only new “thumbs” I’m offering SU are to other Stumblers’ blogs. Take that, jerks.

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