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Another long-time Stumbler I’ve neglected. Thumbs-up both for quality content and the last line of this SU obituary.

Such a feeling of community used to exist here. Most of those people have moved to contacting me through other means like Google +, Facebook, or email. Now all I mainly get is weekly mail in my inbox from a random spammer or two telling me how much they “love” my stumbles and since they are following me, I should follow them so I can receive their “Awesome” content and be enriched from their stumbles. Well, first I check and they are not following me and second they have about 20 stumbles all of which are garbage. How dare you try to compare yourself to some of the Stumble greats that used to rule these halls? You have no idea of the depth, the humanity, and the intelligence that came before you… and you want me to follow you and your anemic self promoting 20 stumbles??? Are you freaking kidding me? So happy birthday to me. SU has become what it has, and granted it does it very, very well; (delivering content surgically tailored to my interests) it has shed it’s original sense of community. It seems to work best as a plug in or tangential accessory to life’s comprehensive discussion stream that happens on facebook or google +. SU has become nothing more than an internet smart remote, turning my screen into a T.V. where I can channel surf for a few minutes or a few hours. Five years ago blogging this would have been talking to people, now I am doing the equivalent of yelling at the T.V. during a football game.

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