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I don’t feel too bad for not having reviewed Marielaem before now, as I know I had thumbed up a previous incarnation of hers. She’s yet another veteran Stumbler who’s had enough. For shame once again, Devs, for driving away the quality folk like this.

The thing I liked about SU in days of yore – apart from the interesting stuff on the pages I frequented – was how quick and easy it was to slam on the posts and add a little twirl to them here and there.

I liked the share function, too. I used it a lot. I’ve never been a reflex clilcker, though – blah blah blah ……. I’ll shut up about SU going down the drain, because that started back in the day, and now most of the water has swirled down the plughole and most of you have watched it go. You don’t need me to give a drip by drip account.

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