Rebel Mayor

I’m a year late on this, but about the only good thing that came out of last year’s mayoral election in Toronto was the reincarnation of 19th century shit-disturber William Lyon Mackenzie as a Twitter-lovin’, Prius-drivin’, modern day campaigner. Though the 18th century tradition of organising a mob and arming them with pitchforks and firing irons is a hard one to break.

Accountability. Accountability. Accountability. Accountable Children. Families must hold their transparent children accountable. #voteto

Ho. Was able 2 go 4 a Walk in the Snow yesterday 4 about 15 seconds. Decisions decisions. This is the week of decisions. Need more snow.

1 last march down Yonge 4 old tyme sake. Join me, friends. Bloor 2 Eaton Centre (need to stop at Apple Store) then City Hall. Ho ye!!/rebelmayor

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