Preoccupied Wall St.

Well, the police moved in and cleared off the Occupy protesters, as everyone knew they would, eventually. I do hope the movement keeps up its steam, though – there are a lot of real issues to be confronted here, and the idea of letting the banks go back to their fuckup ways without protest is disheartening.

I worked for a brokerage for a few months last year, and was quick to leave it. Most of my coworkers were unhappy, unpleasant and – this surprised me – unwealthy people whose sole object in life was making money on other people’s dimes. That so many of them were flat broke while juggling the savings of their clients was appalling to me, and that most of them were misanthropic, angry jerks even more so. Teams of like-minded twits at Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch et al. were responsible for much of the current economic malaise. I’ve come to the conclusion that bankers are failed lawyers: All of the venality and malice, none of the brains. Time to modify that old Shakespeare quote:

First, we kill all the bankers…

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