Wall Street Evictions

As usual, Neil Macdonald hits the nail on the head.

In fact, it is one of the most remarkable aspects of this protest that those involved couldn’t, or wouldn’t, harness the power inherent in the name of their movement: Occupy Wall Street. And in their main slogan: We are the 99 per cent.

The words suggest a burning, pent-up anger at the small minority who have amassed insane levels of wealth in this country, in particular those who have done it not through hard work, innovation and ingenuity, but through a parasitic manipulation of markets, and cozy, subsidized cronyism with government.

Wall Street is just the best example. In the years leading up to the crash in 2008, its biggest players created what amounted to a giant, multi-leveled con, packaging and selling garbage, while secretly placing bets against the very products they were peddling.

When it all collapsed, these so-called Masters of the Universe turned to the politicians they’d helped install in Washington, to be rescued with a few trillion in taxpayer dollars.

The business model here, despite all the nonsense about market forces, was nakedly obvious: privatize profits, socialize loss.


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