“Do Things, Tell People.”

This is my top goal for the year.  After a year of emotional and career washouts in 2011, I’ve energized myself for 2012.  So far, it’s going pretty well.  Hope to report more in the coming months.   Watch this space.  🙂

If you you don’t have any marketable skills, learn some. It’s the future. We have Khan Academy and Wikipedia and Codecademy and almost the entire world’s collective knowledge at your fingertips. Use it.

Then make something that you can talk about. Make something cool. Something interesting. Spend time on it. Go crazy. Even if it’s the least useful thing you’ve ever made, if you can talk about it, make it. This part is easy, because you’re doing something you think is cool, and interesting, and if it’s useless, great, because you won’t need to support it much either!

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