So Long, Sam

Guitarist Randy Bachman said that he was always eager to visit the Yonge Street store.

“Sam Sniderman was truly everyone’s friend,” he said in statement to CBC News.”

As kids from Winnipeg all of us in The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive couldnt wait till our next Toronto visit and go to his store. It was the equivalent of Disneyland for all music lovers. I used to spend afternoons there and then eat dinner upstairs. He will be missed by all and Toronto and Canada will never be the same.”

I love Randy’s line about musical Disneyland. I had the great privilege to work for 3 years in that dusty, cramped firetrap of a store.  To this day, it’s the worst paying and best loved job of my life.  What a formative experience!

While I haven’t shed any tears for Sam – I’m convinced he made it to 92 based on pure spite – my heart still breaks for Sam’s.

Sam The Record Man Sniderman dies - Toronto - CBC News

via Sam The Record Man Sniderman dies – Toronto – CBC News.

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