An Honest Assessment of Rob Ford’s Legacy

I applaud the local media – Joe Warmington aside – who have covered the Rob Ford news without obsequious obsequies. What punches obit writers have pulled were followed up with Ford quotes that allow him to have damned his own memoriae. This Torontoist piece is the best I’ve read so far, because it does give him credit for being a thoughtful advocate for his ward’s constituents, but also rightfully accuses him of disappointing the entire city. Goodbye, Rob “Peter Principle” Ford. You will not be missed.

If there is a first tragedy in Rob Ford’s life, it is that he would have made a fine landlord or service worker. But he was ultimately a poor public servant, choosing to do what he loved instead of learning to do what was needed.

Rob Ford’s legacy includes a harmful impact on some of the city’s more marginalized residents, and a worsened political discourse. We shouldn’t forget this.

Source: An Honest Assessment of Rob Ford’s Legacy | politics | Torontoist

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